Scope of Work


The Services are the Performance Based Rational Design and Fixed Fire Protection Services as further detailed below.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Consultant

The Consultant will be responsible to interpret relevant rules, regulations and by-laws regarding installation codes of practice and other regulations including, but not limit to, S.A.B.S., C.S.I.R., A.S.I.B, ISO 9001 and the National Building Regulations to develop a Performance Based Rational Design for the project.

The Fixed Fire Protection Services will include the producing of accurate designs, which conform to SABS 0400 and to meet the Performance Based Rational Designs. Coordinated Installation Drawings and Detailed plan layouts will be provided together with Specifications for Tender purposes.

The Consultant will act as the Employers/Architects Agent liaising between the Professional Team and the Fixed Fire Services Sub-Contractors, advising as required and checking Quality of Workmanship, thus ensuring efficient installation procedures, commissioning and hand over.

Performance Based Rational Design

The Consultant will do an appraisal of Sketch Drawings to determine whether or not it would be cost effective to comply with the National Building Regulations or utilize the option provided by Rational Design. The following aspects will be investigated in the appraisal:

  • Number of Emergency Escapes.
  • Travel Distances.
  • Compartmentalization
  • Smoke Ventilation.
  • Smoke Detection Systems.
  • Sprinkler Reticulations.
  • Hydrant and Hose Reel Reticulations.
  • Structural Fire Ratings.
  • Water Supplies for Fixed Fire Protection Services.
  • Fire Pumps and Water Storage Tanks.
  • Smoke Detection / Evacuation.

The following Normal Services will interalia be included in the Service:

  • Qualitative Design Review (preliminary criteria)
  • basic planning (Design criteria)
  • Design (document preparation)
  • Construction (execution of the works)
  • COMMISSIONING (Final inspection)

Fixed Fire Protection Services

The Services are the total spectrum of service of design and supervision as outlined in “The South African Association of Consulting Engineers Form of Agreement for Consulting Services June 2001 – Appendix A1”

The level of construction monitoring will be as describe by level 2 i.e.; Visit the works at a frequency agreed with the Employer to review important materials, critical work procedures and/or completed elements or components; and be available to provide the Contractor with technical interpretation of the plans and specifications.

The following Normal Services will interalia be included in the Service:

  • Reporting
  • Design and Tender
  • Working Drawings
  • Construction
  • Construction Monitoring